Immediate reaction to Election 2016: deep sadness & pain

I am deeply saddened that we, the American people, not only allowed for a fascist to have an opportunity to be the leader of the most powerful country in the world, but half of us actively voted for racism (white supremacy), bigotry, fear, misogyny (and specifically manifested in rape and sexual assault), greed, neoliberalism, xenophobia, ableism, etc. to win tonight.

The fact that more than half of our nation could not say NO to these things makes my heart physically hurt.

And while I know that the president does not wield all the power in the United States, this election brings me deep shame and sadness. I know that our nation has made many mistakes in the course of our history, but I have never felt this ashamed of our nation, a country for which I have been so deeply grateful. I naively thought we were a progressing nation, but tonight has shown me that I live in a country that is more bigoted, racist, and misogynistic than I could have ever fathomed.


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